Monday, September 25, 2017

PREP 2017:
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  3. hi my name is jacob from yms school did you make the stones by your self or got them some were nice work keep up the good (work)

  4. Hi Mamaku 1 prep was really fun this year because there was A lot of awesome stuff you could buy. Did you enjoy it?

  5. Hiya Room 11 , Phoenix here from ODS and I am a year6 in room 19!
    Fantasric blog love the colours oh and wow those sea shells look beautiful with all those nice sparkly colours , Also i have one question ? - How long did it take you guys to make them?

    Oh and you can check out my blog just by copying and pasting this link @
    Also please feel free to leave a comment .

    Ka Kite Ono room 11 .

  6. Hi my name is kingston.I go to owairaka school.Are you buying the shells? Or are you building up with all of the shells you got!?!?! Because i like ALL OF THEM!!
    They all look awesome!! Anyways.

  7. Kia Ora Mamaku 1 my name is Cailey I really like your blog and I like the shells with glitter on it, it's so shiny and so pretty you guys are awesome good luck at school. I’m really impressed by your good work.

    Blog ya later
    Check out my blog

  8. Hi my name is Ahmed and I am in room 19 at Owairaka school. I really like shells it is very nice how many do you have? Are you going to sell them? I think you should work on adding more description. If you want to check my blog out it is Good job BLOG YOU LATER!!!

  9. Kia Ora Mamaku.
    Thats a really good idea for prep its really shiny and colourful so it makes kids want to but it

  10. Hey there, my names is Parwin from YMS. The shells that you guys have coloured are beautiful. But I was wondering why you coloured them, are you guys gonna sell them or something? Maybe next time you could write down why you coloured the shells, but apart from that, keep on being awesome!

    Kind Regards,

  11. Kia ora Mamaku,
    I really like the look of your colourful and glittery scallop shells. My whānau dive for scallops and we always wonder what to do with the shells. I am also wondering what you were doing with the scallop shells. Were you selling them to fundraise? They would look amazing in your school or home gardens.

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