Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This sign is made from a small edge of all the student's art. The student's art looks awesome on Mamaku's walls.
These are a few examples of the student's art work based on Robert Delauney's art.
Here is a fabulous painting showing the circular shapes, lines and colours that our students used.
This piece of artwork shows triangular, circular and half circular shapes within an array of spectacular colours.
Here we have a lot of lines, dots, squiggles and an array of shapes within these concepts.
The students thoroughly enjoyed exploring Robert Delauney's art.


  1. Kia ora Mamaku 1,
    I had not heard of the artist Robert Delauney so I had a quick google to find out more about him. I found out he was a French artist well known for his use of strong colours and geometric shapes. I can definitely see that in your art work and they look fantastic on your wall. I still have some of the artwork my children did at school on my wall. Did you look at lots of Robert Delauney's artwork to inspire your art? Did you sketch your ideas first or just get started with paint?

  2. Hi Grey Main School.
    This is a great post about your art.
    You are great at art.
    This reminded me of when I did art.
    Next time could you include more writing?.

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  4. Kia orana my name is Jaerok i really like your classes art work it looks like a real rainbow and it like the sun shinning in the sky and comment on owairaka school COMMENT YOU LATER!!!!

  5. hello it is Zach from your class it is cool to see you put a blog post on our art.

  6. Bonjour Room11 *Grey main School* Amazing blog I love it ! Also wow bright colours and beautiful pieces of art . I have a question for you? ~ whats your favourite colour and why? Also be sure to check out my blog and please leave a comment !

    @ odsphoenixt.blogspot.co.nz

  7. Kia ora my name is Shilah and i really like the bright colours that you have put in to your work. i will like to konw what your fav colours are and why.

  8. Ki Ora Manuka I am Fatima I really like your art. It looks so nice with stripes lines and dots It all looks very colorful and beautiful. Good job and keep on doing it.
    Here visit my blog

  9. hi, i really like you art. I thing it is really cool keep up the good work.

    from Blake.

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  11. Hi my name is Payton Im 11yrs old and I am a year 7 from kawakawaprimary school. I really like your guys art the last one is really amazing. they remind me of all my artwork that I did in 2017. Maybe next time you could do it on a slide. keep up the great work.
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