Wednesday, March 15, 2017


QUESTION: What else should we be fined for or paid for? Do you disagree with anyone's ideas?

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  1. Kia ora my name is Angelina I go to Grey Main School. I think there are so many cool ideas here. My favorite one was Larissa's one where you should get paid for being on task when you are doing your work.

  2. This is such a great incentive to keep all children on task and to teach you the value of money. Amy Robinson.

  3. hello, this is a fantastic idea, they are some super ones on here, I look forward to your next post,
    Thanks Lucy from Yaldhurst Model School.

  4. Hello! I am Elias from Yaldhurst Model School. You all have very great ideas, I will point out some of my favourites.
    One of my favourites is Kaled W's brainstorm because it has lots of ideas and it is also very clear.
    I also like Ayesha's brainstorm because it has lots of ideas and it also says how much you get paid/fined.

    I just have one question, what is restricted internet?

  5. Kia ora Mamaku 1,
    You have brainstormed lots of very good ideas. I am wondering how you will pay Miss Panther. Will she also get paid for arriving at school on time? Having her learning site up to date so you can access your learning? Keeping your class blog up to date so I can comment on it? Mmmm maybe I should be paying teachers too:-) You may have some rich learners in your class.

  6. Hi Miss Panther,
    I do not agree with you because people need to go to the toilet and people need to drink more you should encourage that.

    Why did you want to make a padlet about that?
    Looking forward to next post.
    Kind regards Ian
    Yaldhurst Model School

  7. Hi my name is vaughan of kawakawa prmary school is cool

  8. Hi There Miss Panther It's Me Caitlyn K. I agree on getting fined for being naughty,Not being in the right place on time. I think you should give pepeol baqer money for being good and following the instructions. Noho Ora Mai From Caitlyn K.

  9. Kia ora Grey main,
    I think that my class last year has used banqer and it's a really fun site.
    what are you using banqer we used it for a fair at the end of the year?
    I really think that what your post is about is a cool topic, I really enjoyed it.
    From Julia, Yaldhurst school

  10. Hi there my name is Billie from yaldhurst model school i really like your blog post my favorite one was kash k

  11. Kia Ora Grey Main
    Last year my class used banqer.What we did is we had an auction at the end of each term. I liked how you put all your ideas in a padlet because it is good to see all the students ideas.
    From LAUREN at yaldhurst school

  12. Hi my name is Mia from Yaldhurst school and I like this post because it has lot's of the class Ideas, also last year we did Banqer too. Next time remember to make sure all your students Ideas have capitals and no spelling mistakes.


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