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Friday, August 22, 2014

Mrs Bellis

From Room Eleven to you 

We would all love to say a humongous thank you to Mrs Bellis who has been is our class room for 5 weeks and three of those weeks she has been full on teaching which is a hard job because she has to put up with us all the time. 

She is an amazing lady and we really hope when she becomes a teacher and can take on her own class she will come back and teach at Grey Main.

Thank you Mrs Bellis you have taught us so much and we all appreciate it so much you have really touched our hearts and we are sad to see you go. 

We hope that when you have a class of your own the will all be so kind ( Even though they will not be as awesome as us) we know they'll be great kids.

So thank you again Mrs Bellis We have really enjoyed having you in our class room and we hope to see you again.

From Room 11 and Miss Panther

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ski Trip Tomorrow!

I hope you are all in bed Room 11 - ready for an early start tomorrow morning! 

Porters is open and the roads are clear at this point.

Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow!

If you need me, email me or text. I will be at school just before 6.30 so see you soon after!!

Don't be late!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Show some love to our 2 newest Room 11 bloggers!

Remember they don't yet have blogging buddies so they need comments to help them learn how to leave a quality comment!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Check out our LIP writing.

Leave us a comment but make it a goodie. We want to know what you like and how we can improve. Please don't use the words:

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Please tell us what you like and WHY you like it.

Also look at our WALT's and give us feedback on them.

Thanks Miss Panther and the LIP boys

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sophie's Commonwealth Games Poem

As I grip my Sword and Start to sweat
The referee shouts out fence,
I thrust My blade at my opponent's Chest
He obviously think that hes the best,
I feel my pulse Beating Hard
I can’t believe I've Come this Far,
I'm At the Commonwealth Games
My Family are all so amazed,
My opponent thrusts at me
I block his hits all with ease,
With one last hit I knock him down
The Celebration echoes all around,
I've Won it I've done it  
I hear the Cheers,
After all that training
After all those years,
Its finished its done
I've been crowned number one
And I shall cherish this memory for years to come
For the Art of fencing is my number one.

By Sophie